Uh oh... we did it 10/07/2014
posted by Kromulok

Some of us in the guild have started playing World of Warcraft. Not real sure why we never have before other than once several years ago very casually. We have a lot of the regulars actively playing currently and have re-activated the WOW section on the forums.

We will be hitting up some 10 man stuff and if enough decide to actively play we can do the 25 person raids that will scale to however many people are actually there.

Just putting this out there as an FYI to anyone interested.

ES and EQnext 08/01/2013
posted by Kromulok

Hello all,

I hope this update reaches many of our old guildmates from the various different guild names we have been affiliated with over the last 14 years ( Ethereal Shadows, Veil of Shadows, HavenLight, Noble Companions and Organized Chaos). We have been through many games in different forms and our most recent latest game as most know was/is Rift. Many still are playing but due to decline in numbers they had to merge with another guild to continue raiding. We spent over 2 years in Rift as a pretty solid core of teammates and imo it was a great success. We were able to bring together a lot of people from different guilds that different members of the guild knew and come together as one. We had a return of some old school players from the various different guilds of past as well. Everyone merged together, even if only just meeting for the first time, as a solid circle of friends. Our guild(s) have always been more than just 'gaming buddies', we have been a small weird internet family for a long time.

With that said, our guild - Ethereal Shadows - is looking at testing the waters in EverQuest Next. Some are getting hyped up about it and waiting for some details to be revealed tomorrow and others are trying not to jump on the bandwagon head first but rather sitting back and waiting to see what it's like. In any event, its EverQuest, its Norrath and quite frankly there isn't one of us that doesn't have nostalgia for that!  Tomorrow SOE reveals EQnext at fanfair and Smedley (love or hate him, doesn't matter) has already stated it will be released before the end of the year.

So we are going to jump in and give it a shot and if it is any good, call it home until whenever. Not trying to hype it up at all, just trying to get the word out because all games are obviously better when we have more of our friends playing it with us. Please join the forum and say hello and watch our eqnext thread. We have a guild member that is actually going to be there in person so he will be able to give us all reliable first hand information on it.

I would like to see some old faces return to the forum and we all wish to see you with us in EQnext to try it out!

Current EQ Next artwork:


Old EQ Kunark artwork - just for the good old memories cheeky


See you all soon I hope! 


aka Fumata

Bring It On Big Guy!! 06/03/2013
posted by Windasani

Just a quick update.  Since joining forces with StormBorne guild we have gotten 5 new kills for us and 3 new kills for them.  Taking down Matriarch and Gorloch for the first time this week we now only have Regulos left to have a clean sweep of Storm Legion before 2.5 lands.  Unfortunately its just not going to happen before the expansion, but we got close!

Also to divert any misinformation, the website is not going away, and Ethereal Shadows is not going away.  We have just merged in Rift in order to be able to raid and keep enjoying the game.

We have all been together too long to simply close up shop because of reduced interest in the current game.

Below is what we have to look forward to after farm night(s) next week!  Regulos is skeered!



Crucia Down 05/13/2013
posted by Windasani

We recently joined forces with another guild Stormborne in Rift under the guildname Ethereal Storm.  Within 2 weeks we cleared FT making Crucia a greazy spot.   With Rift going Free To Play its pretty much a matter of time before the game is dead. Hopefully we will get through all the current content before that happens.  Nonetheless this is still a pretty fun game.

Below is video of our first kill on Crucia - enjoy!


Deconstruction is a Good Thing! 03/10/2013
posted by Windasani

We have been banging our head against the wall on the first fight in EE lately so we decided to switch things up this week and give Zaviel a try.  Low and behold after 2 nights we took her down!

We went on tonight to give the Twins a look, and although we didn't get too far with them, with a little more time spent it looks doable.

Atleast with being able to take Zaviel down we can finally start loading up on weapons that will go a long way towards making the rest of the fights easier.

Will post the loots later when I can get the winners to link them to me.

 Zaviel Dead