Rift: Cabalist

The Cabalist is the Cleric soul for Area Effect (AE) Damage. They use AE casting spells that damage multiple mobs while also applying what is called sigils and lurking decays to the cleric. They then have a couple of finisher spells that will damage the mobs and also use the amount of sigils and lurking decays that are built up to add an extra effect such as a significant amount of extra damage to the mobs, different effects on the mobs, mana to the cleric or heals to the cleric, depending upon the spell used.

Sigils and Lurking Decay Builders:

Decay – Deals 50 damage over 3 seconds and grants the cleric a stack of lurking decay each second. When the lurking decay is consumed with a finisher spell, it will damage up to 4 enemies for x amount of damage for each lurking decay consumed.
Sigil of Power – This sigil placed on the cleric when consumed will give mana to the cleric for each enemy damaged or each lurking decay consumed.
Sigil of Binding – This sigil placed on the cleric snares each enemy damaged reducing movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds when consumed.
Sigil of Woe – This sigil placed on the cleric will remove 1 buff from each enemy that has a lurking decay consumed.
Sigil of Secrecy – This sigil placed on the cleric will silence all enemies for 5 seconds that have a lurking decay consumed.

Sigil of Ruin– This sigil placed on the cleric will stun all enemies for 2 seconds when the sigil is consumed.

Sigil of Ravaging– This sigil placed on the cleric will heal the cleric for 100% of the damage caused to all enemies by Lurking Decays being consumed.

*note* - you can only use one sigil at a time.



Obliterate – Deals damage to the enemy and consumes the clerics sigil and all lurking decays. All lurking decays consumed deal double damage to the mobs.
Tyranny – Deals damage to up to 7 enemies and consumes a clerics sigil and one lurking decay.

Other AE Damage Spells:

Shadow’s Touch– Damages up to 3 enemies within 5 meters of each other. If it only hits 1 enemy it hits for 100%, 2 enemies hits for 70% and 3 enemies hits for 50% of the damage.
Engulfing Shadows – Deals AE damage to enemies every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.
Curse of Solitude – Deals damage to the enemy over 10 seconds. During this time each time the enemy uses an ability it deals damage to that enemy and all nearby enemies.
Bound Fate – Deals damage to up to 3 nearby enemies.


Single Target Damage Spells:

Distorted Shadows– Deals damage to an enemy over 3 seconds.
Dark Water – Deals a direct damage and over time damage to an enemy.

Other important skills:

Grasping Waters – Roots the enemy for 5 seconds.
Howling Death – Grants the cleric immunity to the next silence or interrupt effect used against the cleric. Lasts for 2 minutes or until used.
Dark Passage – Ports the cleric 10 to 15 meters away from where they were.
Reversal of Fortune – A spell that lasts for 5 seconds that will reflect a damage spell cast on cleric back to the enemy that cast it.
Maelstrom – Spell cast to pull 3 enemies within 15 meters of the mob you are targeting to that mobs location.
Surge – Allows for Maelstrom to affect 2 additional enemies for a total of 5.
Affinity for Death – Putting all 5 points into this will reduce your cooldown for Obliterate by 30 seconds.

There are several other tree skill point options that will increase your spell damage and AE damage as well as consumed lurking decay damage. Invest into these as you see fit.


Cabalists have a lot of AE weapons at their disposal. Not only can they do great AE damage but some of the sigils provide AE effects that can prove to be quite useful as well. Overall playing the cabalist can be relatively simple and you may find you get in a rhythm of only using a handful of the spells at your disposal while only using other certain sigils in specific situations. Pulling mobs with Shadow’s Touch in the early stages is your best bet but later on using Maelstrom can be more beneficial. Then you want to get your lurking decays going right away so cast Decay often. For your finisher Obliterate is the best and most effective, especially when you get the points spent to reduce its refresh time in half. Depending on the sigil’s you are applying, you can use Tyranny to consume them in between the decays and obliterates. Also using your other AE damage spells in conjunction with these will kill multiple mobs quickly. You do have a couple single target damage spells but typically in a case where you have one mob you will probably use skills from another soul you pair with the cabalist.

Class Combos:

The different souls you mix up with the cabalist are totally open and up to you. I would suggest that you use one healing soul (sentinel, purifier or warden) to give yourself at least some healing abilities or shields to heal yourself. You can mix in any of the other non healing souls with cabalist and be able to build yourself a nice dps class. I personally went with the druid. I like this mix as the druid more or less is a single target type melee dps soul and paired with the cabalist allows me to use druid abilities for one mob encounters yet have the cabalist abilities for multiple mob encounters. The same could be said with the shaman, inquisitor or justicar as well. Mix them up and see what fits best for your playstyle.


Written by: Kromulok