Rift: Chloromancer

The Chloromancer class is unique to Rift, in the fact that it is the only Mage class designed for healing a group. The Chloromancer heals by doing damage, with only a few targeted/AE direct heals for backup. You essentially gain a buff that heals your group or raid for 80% of your Life damage, and a second buff that should be used on your tank, that increases this healing on the target by 225%.

*Chloromancers currently have a lot of speculation around which skills affect each other and in which order buffs and bonuses are added. I will attempt to give some theorycraft examples at the end of this guide.

Buffs and Debuffs:

Lifegiving Veil - Self buff. Causes 50% (80% specced) of your Life damage to AE heal around you. For DoTs, only 60% (90% specced) of the first tick of damage heals. Multi-target skill have their healing reduced by 80% (only 16% of AE damage heals with LGV specced). Non-life damage only heals for 5% of damage done.
Synthesis - Targeted buff that cannot be cast on yourself, and can only be cast on one target at a time. Causes target to take 150% more healing from your LGV. Can be specced to add an additional 25/50/75%, for a total of +225%.
Radiant Spores - Debuff on enemy, giving any ally who damages them a 15% chance to heal themselves for 100% of the damage dealt. Can be specced to 30% trigger chance, and also be an AE around the target. Keep this up at all times. 15s duration, 8s cooldown.
Natural Conversion - Debuff cast on an enemy that causes the next single target damaging spell cast to heal the target for 200% of the damage dealt, effectively healing for that damage instead of taking it away. Gains no bonus from LGV or Synthesis.
Living Shell - Self only shield that absorbs damage, and takes mana for each point of damage absorbed. Also restores 2% of your max mana per second, and lasts 30 seconds. 2min cooldown.
Entropic Veil - Increases damage by 10% while on, and consumes charge. Can be specced to 19%. 15s cooldown.
Living Energy - Reduces costs of raid members by 10%, and lasts indefinitely. Unsure on stacking with other class abilities with similar effects, such as Bard.
Empathic Bond - Restores the caster's mana equal to 10% of the damage dealt to your Synthesis target for 30s. 3min cooldown.

Damage Spells:

Vile Spores - Basic damage skill. Can be specced to put a DoT on target for 100% of the damage over the next 6 seconds.
Withering Vines - DoT that also heals group members on each tick.
Ruin - Instant cast damage skill. Can be specced to put a DoT on target for 100% of the damage over the next 6 seconds. 15s cooldown.
Nature's Touch - Damaging skill that also heals your Synthesis target for 100% of the damage dealt. This additional heal triggers alongside Lifegiving Veil, making this the best heal the Chloromancer has. 6s cooldown.
Stream of Reclamation - Channels damage over 6 seconds, increasing the trigger chance of Radiant Spores on the target by 5% per second channeled, for a maximum of 60%. Does not trigger LGV healing. Trigger increase lingers for 3 seconds. 45s cooldown.
Nature's Fury - Chain damage skill that bounces to nearby targets. Decent damage, but heavy reduction in healing from LGV. 8s cooldown.
Corrosion - Channeled PBAE DoT, dealing damage over 12 seconds. Consumes charges while active. 15s cooldown.

Heals and Utility:

Bloom - Single target heal. Can be specced to be instant cast. 10s cooldown.
Flourish - AE heal. Can be specced to be instant cast. 20s cooldown.
Wild Abandon - Removes all roots and snares from target and makes them immune to them for 8 seconds. 30s cooldown.
Nature's Cleansing - Removes 1 disease, point, or curse debuff.
Seed of Life - Basic resurrection skill, 20pt root skill.
Soul Tether - Basically a death save on a 5 minute cooldown. Difficult to time properly, but useful in some situations.
Essence Surge - Heals target for 100% of their max health, but reduces your damage by 50% for 12 seconds, making it risky to use. 2min cooldown.
Wild Growth - PBAE HoT that also snares enemies in it by 50%. Can be specced to increase damage taken by enemies in it by 10%. 2min cooldown.

Soul Tree Options

Natural Awareness (Tier 1) - Increases your base Intelligence by 5/10/15/20/25% for 6 seconds whenever you cast a Life spell.
Accelerated Growth (Tier 1) - Increases Life damage by 1/2/3/4/5%.

Empowered Veil (Tier 2) - Increases LGV healing by 10/20/30%, bringing it to 80%. Also increases the healing DoT's give to 10/20/30% to 90%. Unknown if multi-target damage healing is increased. Increases Entropic Veil damage bonus by 3/6/9% to 9%. Also gives an increase in LGV healing range. This is a must have skill for any healing chloromancer.
Nature's Corrosion (Tier 2) - Causes your Vile Spores and Ruin skills to put a DoT on the target, causing 100% of the damage over 6 seconds (1 tick every 2 seconds). Gives increased healing on these skills as well as doubling the damage.
Healing Slipstream (Tier 2) - Reduces Bloom and Flourish cast times by 1/2s, making them instant.
Bloom (Tier 2) - See above, Heals and Utility.

Phytogenesis (Tier 3) - Increases Radiant Spores trigger chance by 5/10/15%, and AE around the target.
Synthesis (Tier 3) - See above, Buffs and Debuffs.

Call of Spring (Tier 4) - Increases healing done by 3/6/9/12/15%.
Nature's Touch (Tier 4) - See above, Damage Spells.
Raised in Nature (Tier 4) - Increases your Endurance by 7/14/21% of your base Intelligence.

Living Shell (Tier 5) - See above, Buffs and Debuffs.
Natural Fusion (Tier 5) - Increases Synthesis healing bonus by 25/50/75%, for a total of 225%.

Wild Growth (Tier 6) - See above, Heals and Utility.
Empathic Bond (Tier 6) - See above, Buffs and Debuffs.

Essence Surge (Tier 7) - See above, Heals and Utility.


Playing a Chloromancer is a little more straightforward then other healing classes, as you basically just dps as a caster, and the damage heals your group and your tank. Buff yourself with Lifegiving Veil, buff your tank with Synthesis, and throw up temp buffs if you need mana. Nature's Touch is by far the most powerful heal you possess, since it not only is better damage than most of your other skills, it heals the tank twice, with its own 100% heal stipulation, and your LGV*Synthesis heal. Many people say your rotation is basically Vile Spores, Vile Spores, Nature's Touch, with Ruin thrown in and Radiant Spores kept on the target. Withering Vines healing is fairly weak, though over time, using WV will provide slightly better healing to your group, and slightly less healing to your tank.

Your Bloom and Flourish are normally not used as a normal heal, but more for an emergency situation. The Chloromancer's biggest weakness is lack of AE burst healing, as you only get Flourish. This makes the class very proactive, unlike most other healers, who are reactive. This means nuking constantly and having spells "in the air" regardless of your group's health. Rely on Radiant Spores and your normal rotation to heal burst damage to the group unless you see you are falling behind on AE healing, in which is normally the time to use Flourish. Some players also opt to use Ruin as a burst heal, or activate Entropic Veil for the 19% bonus damage, which equates to more healing. If you find you are inside your comfort zone of healing, you can go outside the suggested rotations or use these skills for damage, rather than for more emergency heals. Sitting at 100 charge is normally a waste, so use Entropic Veil to bring yourself back down. It can also be turned off early, if you feel you want to have a little bit of charge in case of emergency.

Many players have successfully solo healed instances with the Chloromancer, so they aren't required to have a support healer like a bard to succeed. Hopefully this trend continues to endgame and they don't fall by the wayside in terms of healing power.


*Some of this has been tested and some has not, namely the interactions of Call of Spring with various other non-direct heals.

Lifegiving Veil (specced) = 80% or 0.8 modifer for single, 90% or 0.9 for DoT, -80% for multi-target, 0.8*(1-0.8) = 16% healing or 0.16 modifier.
Synthesis (specced) = +225% or 3.25 modifier
Call of Spring = 15% or 0.15 modifier
General Equation of Damage*LGV*(Synthesis+CoS) for tank healing.
General Equation of Damage*LGV*CoS for group healing.

Lifegiving Veil alone
100 damage spell = 100*0.8 = 80 heal.
100 damage DoT over 6 seconds (3 ticks of 33) = 33*0.9 = 29.7 heal.
100 damage AE = 100*0.16 = 16 healing per target hit.

Lifegiving Veil + Nature's Corrosion
100 damage DD + 33 damage on the first tick = 100*0.8 + 33*0.9 = 109.7 heal, effectively increasing the healing of Vile Spores and Ruin by ~35%.

Lifegiving Veil + Synthesis
100 damage DD = 100*0.8 = 80 heal to group * 3.25 = 260 heal to tank.
100 damage DoT (3 ticks of 33) = 33*0.9 = 29.7 healing to group * 3.25 = 96.5 healing to tank.

LGV + Synthesis + Nature's Touch
100 damage NT = 100*.08 = 80 heal to group * 3.25 = 260 heal to tank from LGV.
100% of damage dealt = additional 100 heal to tank.
Total healing = 260+100 = 360 healing to tank.

Call of Spring - This skill currently seems to be under debate of when and where the bonus is added. The tooltip states all healing spells and effects, making it feasible to assume it works on anything you do to heal, even including other classes life draining skills. My guess is that Spell Damage is calculated first, followed by damage increases on the mob (stacked multiplicatively), then followed by healing due to LGV.
LGV + Call of Spring
100 damage DD = 100*0.8 = 80 heal * 1.15 = 92 heal.
100 damage DoT (3 ticks of 33) = 33*0.9 = 29.7 heal * 1.15 = 34.15 heal.

LGV + Synthesis + Call of Spring - This is untested and only a theory. Since ideally all healing bonuses are stacked additively, I am counting Synthesis as a healing bonus that only affects certain types of heals. This is in the same way you would assume a skill that gives +50% damage to Nuke1 and another skill that gives 10% damage to all nukes would give 60% to Nuke1 and 10% to everything else.
100 damage DD = 100*0.8 = 80 heal * (3.25+0.15) = 80 * 3.40 = 272 heal to tank.

LGV + Synthesis + CoS + Nature's Touch
100 damage DD = 100*0.8 = 80 heal * (3.25+0.15) = 80 * 3.40 = 272 heal to tank.
100 damage = 100*1.15 = 115 heal to tank from NT secondary effect, which is assumed to gain the CoS effect separately from the Synthesis buff itself.

Class Combos

Archon - Archon gives access to many group and self buffs to increase things like stats, damage, healing, cast speed, and reduced mana costs. You also gain a few utility skills that give mana, making you less reliant on a soul like Necro or Warlock to keep mana up. The drawback of the Archon is that you need to maintain nearly 10 buffs, all with 5 minute durations. Luckily most of them can be kept up outside of combat, but the soul definitely requires more focus and micromanagement than other options.

Warlock - At 30 points spent, you end up with +20% damage, 10% chance to instant cast your next spell, +25% charge gain, ~+33% more DoT damage, and +5% crit. Also offers a short term 10% damage buff for 15s every 2min. Requires less upkeep than Archon, while also offering some decent self healing skills in the way of lifetaps and life drains.

Dominator - Many builds of Chloromancer use up all their points in their 2 other trees, so Dominator is an option for the 0pt Transmogrify skill.

Elementalist - Offers +5% crit, -10% damage taken, and +5-% increased critical damage, causing crits to be x2.0 damage instead of the base x1.5. Other than Exposure (10% magic damage increase debuff), this soul doesn't need to be filled out, leaving you more points to use in either Chloromancer or Warlock for their passives.


Written by: Rhys