Rift: Cleric Calling

Cleric Picture

The Cleric in RIFT is unlike the traditional cleric definition of all other games. Of the 8 souls for the Cleric only 3 are actually true healing souls. You also have cleric souls that can melee, nuke, tank and use AE dps.

Healing Souls:
- Sentinel is the cleric soul that uses direct heals on its target
- Purifier is the cleric soul that casts sheilds over its target
Warden is the cleric soul that uses heals over time (HOTs) on its target

Tanking Soul:
- Justicar is the cleric soul used for a role of the main tank

Area Effect (AE) DPS Soul:
- Cabalist is the cleric soul that specializes in area effect damage spells

Melee DPS Souls:
- Shaman is the cleric soul that specializes in melee dps at arguably the highest rate 
- Druid is the cleric soul that specializes in melee dps and has the ability to have a pet that will help heal and nuke

Casting DPS Souls:
- Inquisitor is the cleric soul that specializes in casting dps

Clerics wear chain armor and their main stat is wisdom. Spell Power is now 75% Wisdom, 25% Intelligence.