Rift: Druid

The druid is an offensive melee DPS Pet class soul with some group support as well.

Main Single Target Damage Attacks/Spells:
- Bombard is an instant spell to the enemy for damage (use this to pull with)
- eruption of life is a melee attack that allows extra damage from every other melee attack for the next 12 seconds. Eruption of life can trigger 3 times.
- Fervent Strike is the main melee attack with the fastest refresh
- Trickster Spirit is a melee attack that reduces the enemies damage by 5%
- combined effort is a melee attack that increases the pets damage and healing by 10% for 15 seconds.
- fae hammer is an instant spell that allows each melee attack from the druid to give the druid 5% mana for 12 seconds

Healing Spells:
- Balm of the Woods is a small single target instant cast heal with a 15 second refresh
- Balm of the Forest is a small group/raid instant cast heal up to 10 people with a 30 second refresh

Support / Other Spells:
- Slumber is a 10 second Mez on an enemy with a 30 second refresh
- Grim Silence is a 5 second silence on an enemy with a 60 second refresh
- Stone Strike is a melee attack that roots the enemy for 3 seconds
- Shield of Oak is an instant cast self shield on the druid that will last for 30 seconds or until the physical damage it can absorb is used
- Crag Hammer is a self buff that gives extra damage for earth damage spells and melee attacks. Lasts 1 hour.

Pet Information:
- Rage of Fae is a spell that enables the druid pet's abilities to crit for 15 seconds (heals and nukes)
- Faerie is the first druid pet that has small heals over time to the group and small nukes to the enemy
- Greater Faerie is the second druid pet that has heals over time to the group and nukes to the enemy. Also increases the druids attack damage based on their spell power.
- Satyr is the third druid pet that only fights alongside the druid. Has no healing abilities. Increases the druids damage to enemies

The Druid soul is a fun soul to play and can solo effectively. In a group setting the Druid can also bring along some needed group support with smaller assist heals, the druid pet group heals and dps, druid melee attack dps, some small crowd control and silences to inturrupt enemies casting as well as some small root support.

Depending on what other souls you mix with the Druid can change the playstyle of the Druid. I find that mixing in Cabalist and Sentinel is a fun option to create a self sustained solo spec as well as good group dps soul. This gives a good amount of single target enemy attacks as well as a decent amount of Area Effect attacks for multiple mob pulls. Many other souls would mix well with the druid, this is just my preference.

Start off playing the Druid by casting bombard on your enemy. This instant spell is castable while moving so makes for a good pulling spell. Then use eruption of life which will increase the melee damage for a short period and follow it up with the repeated use of fervent strike which is your main melee attack. Use Trickster Spirit on the mob to reduce the damage you take and then combined effort so your pet starts nuking harder. Rinse and repeat in this order until the mob dies. If you find yourself getting low on mana, hit the enemy with fae hammer and follow that with fervent strike so that each melee attack you regain mana for 12 seconds.

On situations where you need the mob to die faster, use rage of fae to have your pet crit for 15 seconds.

As you take damage, use your shield often and cast your self heal to stay alive (heals if depending if you take another soul like sent or ward).

- Is quite self sufficient with decent DPS
- Has some group support abilities
- Is a different type of druid we are used to and is creative and fun

- Will not keep a group alive and can have a hard time keeping self alive if you do not choose a soul with more healing abilities
- Will not have the highest DPS compared to other dps type classes and souls
- The Mez is only 10 seconds on a 30 second refresh so you wont be able to keep a mob mezzed or controlled
- The druid only gets 1 area effect melee attack that is not very powerful at all
- The heals are small heals with longer refresh timers
DPS and Solo/Duo Build
Druid / Shaman / Justicar


This build is one I have been tweaking for some time. Tonight I tweaked more and added in a macro and increased my dps by 350. On Boss dummy I averaged between 745 and 810 consistently over 3 to 5 minutes. This build is my favorite because of its 'all in one' flexibility. I can solo anything. I can duo and keep aggro as well as have HP/Armor to tank. Or I can put out good dps in a group or raid.

You could squeeze out more dps by removing justicar and adding inquisitor, but I personally like having the justicar soul for heals and buffs particularly when soloing. There are 2 points left over in the above build that you can spend either to get the 12 point ability in justicar for mein of leadership so you can hold aggro and have more ac/hp when duoing etc, OR you could spend it in shaman to get another self shield and cap out lust for blood. Its up to you and your playstyle. I duo a lot so I go for the justicar mein of leadership when I want to hold the aggro and tank. *Note: This is NOT a Tank role build for instances.

This is the macro I use with this build:

#show Fervent Strike
petcast Enraged Assault
petcast Satyr Sweep
cast Combined Effort
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Eruption of Life
cast Bolt of Radiance
cast Bombard
cast Massive Blow
cast Censure
cast Fervent Strike
cast Jolt
cast Fae Hammer
cast Fated Blow
cast Glory of the Chosen
I dont have rage of the fae or natural dedication in the macro. I hit those when needed at best times to use them.


Written by: Kromulok