Rift: Healing Mechanics

Cleric: 1int = .25sp 1wis = .75sp
Mage: 1int = .5sp 1wis = .5sp

It is my understanding that the amount of mana given by 1int is the same as the amount returned by 1wis within 5 minutes.

1int = 1sp crit. I'm assuming 1dex = 1 physical crit but I am not sure about this.

For clerics healing abilities get modified by different amounts of spell power between 150% and 250% base (some can be increased with talents). I'm not sure if this works the same for mage healing and I have no idea how bard healing works.

 Parry: 60 parry = 1% chance to parry


Written by:  Shenanigans


Sent / Puri


Now this is the build I have been using since the beginning. It has been a good build but its not perfect. In the purifier soul, the caregiver's blessing and caregivers grace are worthless and I just never got around to removing it and spending the points elsewhere. This build gives me good healing options for main tank healing but tonight I built a new build that I look very forward to testing out going forward and more than likely will be my main healing build which adds more group healing to it. (below)

Sent / Ward


With this build I keep all of my sentinal abilities I have come to love but add in a lot more healing options with the warden's HOTs. These HOT's give me 2 more group heals and an ability to heal the group when casting single target water heals by using Ripple (lasts 6 seconds).

So I lose some shields and a couple other of the purifier abilities from the first build but I think there is far more to gain here with the wardens group healing abilities (especially healing showers that heals up to 10 with an AE HOT).


Written by: Kromulok