Rift: Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is a great soul for (ranged) single target and AoE DPS. You get a varity of both DoT's and channeled spells. In addition to this you get many spells like fear, threat reduction, a mez , and there are several different buffs you can choose from to get bonus dps or utility as needed.

The following is a 51 pt Inquisitor build with 15pts into Cabalist.

Single Mob Spell Rotation.

Fanticism - Instant cast. Cool down 45 sec. Causes the next damaging life or death spell to critically hit.
Bolt of Depravity - 207-213 death damage. 30meter range. cast time 3.0.(Symbol of Coruption also causes and additional 30% damage over 4 secs)
(I use the above to pull becasue "Bolt of Depravity" is my largest direct nuke and it gets the damage rolling.)
Vex - Instant cast 398 death over 15 seconds. (Mental Resilience - causes 50% more damage)(Contempt - heals for 90% of damage done)
Sanction Heretic - Instant cast 128-132 life damage + 243 life over 15 sec. Cool down 15 sec. (Mental Resilience - 50% more damage)
Nysyr's Rebuke - Channeled 305 death damage over 3 seconds also stuns enemy. Cool down 2mins. At this point mob is on you but you are stunning it.
Excommunicate - knocks mob back to give you a little breathing room and does 89-93 life damage. Cooldown 30 secs.
Distorted Shadows - Channeled 302-309 death damage over 3 sec. Cool down 15 secs. (This comes from Cabalist but I have it so i use it here)
Bolt of Judgment -128-132 life damage. cast time 1.5 sec. (Normally 2 sec cast time but 5pts in castigation gives you 1/2 sec reduction)
Spam Bolt of Judgment until Sanction Heretic is available again and repeat rotation.
Life and Death Concord - Your Bolt of Judgment and Sanction of Heretic both have a 20% chance to make your next Bolt of Depravity Instant cast. Always use this "next" when available. This is usualy the only time i will use Bolt of Depravity other than on pull.

Multiple Mob Spell Rotation

Fanticism - Next damaging death or life spell is critical.
Run directly into the middle of the group of mobs. Sounds crazy I know but believe me its worth it.
Soul Drain - Hits up to 3 enemies within 7 meters of cleric. Each enemy hit will deal 113 dath damage to up to 4 enemies within 7 meters. (3 x 4 x 113 = a lot) Cast time 2 secs. Cool down 10 secs. (Clinging Spirit) - Your Soul Drain increases the magic damage each enemy takes by 7% for 10 sec)(Did I not tell you it was worth it?)
Circle of Oblivion - Channeled 408 damage to up to 7 enemies over 7 meters for 6 seconds. 30 meter range.
Repeat as available.

I will use this until there is only 2 mobs left....then switch to my single mob rotation.

Additonal Spells/Info

Purge - Removes 2 buffs from your enemy. Self explanitory - Use on raid mobs, strong mobs, annoying mobs, PVP i repeat PVP PVP PVP. Dont waste time on weaker mobs.

Spiritual Deficiency - Increases magical damage enemy receives by 7% - Use on raid mobs, strong mobs, annoying mobs, PVP. Dont waste time on weaker mobs.

Bewilder - Confuses enemy for 8 seconds. This effect is broken by damage. May only be maintained on 1 target at a time.

Trepidation - Fear all nearby enemies for 8 sec.

Perseverance - Grants an ally immunity to the next fear effect used against them. Lasts 2 minutes.

Divine Pardon - Reduces current threat by 90%

Aggressive Renewal - Deals 152 death damage over 3 sec. In addition to restoring 307 mana every sec. Use in either rotation when low on power.

Harsh Discipline - Deals 305 damage to enemy and heals cleric for damage done over 3 sec. Use in either rotation when low on health.

Lethargy - Reduces the movement speed of the enemy by 30% for the duration of Aggressive Renewal and Harsh Discipline. (Helps to keep you from being interupted)

Corporal Punishment - When ever you critically hit with life or death based damage abilities the damage of you life based and death based abilites is increased by 15% for 5 secs.

Unholy Tutelage - Reduces mana cost of damaging spells by 10%

Inner Focus - Increases the critical hit chance of you damaging abilities by 5%


Only 1 Armor may be active at a time.

Armor of Treachery - Increases the clerics armor by 215 and ability damage by 3% (My personal favorite)

Armor of Awakening - Increases clerics health regeneration by 50% and mana regen by 10%

Armor of Devotion - Increases clerics endurance by 50 and critical hit with damage abilities by 3%

Spiritual Protection - Increases the life and death resist of group by 30

Shroud of Agony - When cleric is hit there is a 20% chance that all nearby enemies are dealt 46 death damage over 6 sec.

Last but not Least


Grasping Waters - 5 sec root

Stroke of Genius - Increase your spell power by 5%

Entropy - Increases the damage of your channeled and damage over time spells by 5%

Death's Grasp - Increases your spell damage by 5%
Written by: Hongbit