Rift: Justicar

Justicar is a tanking soul with light healing. All numbers listed are base numbers before training.

(Root abilities)
Tanking oriented abilities
-Faith in Action: Passive. Increases attack power by spell power, physical crit by spell crit and melee hit by spell focus.
-Salvation: Buff. 1 hour duration. Damaging abilities have a 40% chance of healing the cleric. Justicar abilities heal for 10% of damage done, all other abilities heal for 5% of damage done. 41 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only.
-Cavalier: Buff. 1 hour duration. Cleric's life-based damaging abilities grant 1 conviction for 30 seconds. 41 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only.
-Bold of Radiance: Deals 22-25 life damage. While Mien of leadership is active this will force the enemy to attack the cleric for 3 seconds. 11 mana, 8 second cooldown, instant cast, 30 meter range.
-Mien of Leadership: Buff. No duration limit. Increases the cleric's threat generation by 300%, endurance by 90%, armor by 100% plus an additional 1% per point spent in the justicar soul, reduces all healing done by non-justicar abilities by 40% and reduces damage done by non-justicar abilities by 40%. 41 mana, 6 second cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only. Only one Mien can be active at a time.
-Even Justice: hits up to 5 enemies for weapon plus 19-22 life damage. 55 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, no range listed (it's greater than melee but I don't know the exact number).
-Righteous Imperative: Deals 12-15 life damage to up to 10 enemies forcing them to attack the cleric for 3 seconds. 72 mana, 1 minute cooldown, instant cast, 7 meter range.
-Interdict: Interrupts the casting of all enemies. Does not trigger a global cooldown. 144 mana, 10 second cooldown, instant cast, 8 meter range.
-Just Defense: Shields the cleric absorbing 1840 damage. 10 second duration. 43 mana, 1 minute cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only.
-Resplendent Embrace: Increases all incoming healing by 50%. 10 second duration. 4 mana, 2 minute cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only.

DPS oriented abilities
-Strike of Judgement: deals weapon plus 10-12 life damage. 8 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, melee range.
-Censure: Deals weapon plus 18-20 life damage. Increases magic damage taken by the enemy by 3%. 15 second duration. 17 mana, 6 second cooldown, instant cast, melee range.
-Sovereignty: Deals 58-61 life damage. 26 mana, 20 second cooldown, instant cast, 30 meter range.

Healing abilities
-Mien of Honor: Buff. No duration limit. Reduces the cleric's threat generation with damaging abilities by 50% and increases healing with doctrines, salvation and reparation by 50%. 41 mana, 6 second cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only. Only one Mien can be active at a time.
-Doctrine of Loyalty: Heals up to 10 party or raid members for 51 health. 72 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, no range listed. Requires at least one conviction to use, removes one conviction.
-Righteous Mandate: Buff. 1 hour duration. Anytime salvation heals the cleric past their maximum health the overhealing is transferred to the ally. Can only be maintained on one ally at a time. Cannot be cast on another cleric maintaining righteous mandate. 41 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, 35 meter range.
-Doctrine of Righteousness: Heals the target of the cleric's righteous mandate for 122-127 health. Does not need line of sight. 20 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, 35 meter range.
-Doctrine of Authority: Deals weapon plus 79-83 life damage healing 5 party or raid members for 300% of the damage done. This attack will always hit. Requires 1 conviction, removes 1 conviction. 184 mana, 15 second cooldown, instant cast, melee range.

Mana regen abilities
-Purpose: The cleric's melee ability attacks restore 10% mana. Does not trigger global cooldown. 10 second duration. No mana cost, 1 minute cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only.

(Tree abilities/talents. I won't list them all but I'll list a few that I think are important)
Tanking oriented
-Armor of Virtue: Increases armor by 3/6/9/12/15%.
-Stalwart Citadel: Increases block rating by 10/20/30% of your spellpower.
-Precept of Refuge: Deals 48-52 physical damage and increases the cleric's block by 15%. 8 second duration. Will always hit. Requires shield. Requires 1 conviction, removes 1 conviction. 17 mana, 5 second cooldown, instant cast, melee range.
-Safe Haven: Precept of refuge increases your block by an additional 1/2/3/4/5%.
-Vengeful Justice: Even justice hits an additional 1/2/3 enemies.
-Shield of Faith: Reduces damage taken by 3/6/9/12/15%
-Devout Deflection: Increases parry rating by 65/130/195% of your spell power.

Healing oriented
-Life's Devotion: Increases the chance of your salvation healing you by 20/40/60% and the amount healed 5/10/15% by of damage done by justicar abilities and 2/4/6% of other abilities.
-Doctrine of Bliss: Heals the cleric for 59-63 health. Requires one conviction, removes one conviction. 13 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only.
-Reparation: Buff. 1 hour duration. Damaging abilities heal up to 10 party or raid members for 25% of damage from justicar abilities and 10% of damage from all other abilities. Does not affect the cleric or any other cleric using reparation. 174 mana, no cooldown, instant cast, self-cast only.
-Doctrine of Valiance: Uses all of the cleric's convictions dealing weapon plus 9-11 life damage for each conviction and heals the cleric for 200% of damage done. 18% mana, no cooldown, instant cast, melee range.
-Reprieve: Heals the cleric and the target of the cleric's righteous mandate for 2157-2167 health. 136 mana, 5 minute cooldown, instant cast, 35 meter range.
-Absolution: Brings the fallen ally back to life with 100% health and 50% mana. Can be used in combat. 144 mana, 5 minute cooldown, instant cast, 35 meter range.

DPS oriented
-Hammer of Virtue: Your melee attack abilities deal an additional 1/2/3/4/5% damage.

Mana regen oriented
-Commitment: You regain 1/2/3/4/5% mana when you block.

I usually pull with bold of radiance and then safe it to pull mobs off of other group members who get aggro. If it is a large group (3+) I'll use righteous imperative and then pretty much spam even justice. I use my heals, shields and purpose as I feel it is necessary but I often do not need them. I will use single target hits as I feel necessary to build aggro. I usually keep righteous mandate on the healer in case they need extra healing as they are more immediately vital than dps/support.

-Good damage mitigation.
-Small support healing.
-In combat res.
-Strong self-shield and self-heal.
-Good threat.

-Not as many tanking talents to put points into as warriors.
-Lack of silence can make pulling casters difficult.
-Area of Effect threat on 1 minute cooldown.
-Only two threat attacks (righteous imperative and bolt of radiance) to pull mobs off of other group members.
-Salvation, cavalier and reparation can be debuffed.

Complementary souls
-Shaman: 1/2/3% reduction to damage taken and 5/10% additional healing taken. Shield for one talent point in branches for 160 damage and dealing 7 water damage to attackers when hit on 30 second cooldown.
-Druid: 1/2/3/4/5% increase to endurance and small damage and healing from pet. 2 point shield for 122 physical damage on 30 second cooldown.

 Updated Information on Justicar Tanking:

Cleric tanking seems pretty variable in terms of what stats you use and what second and third souls you take. However, you definitely need justicar and I would highly recommend putting at least 38 points in it to get the big shield (fully trained at level 50 it absorbs 2000 something damage).

In justicar: You're going to want to max out devout reflection. This is where most of your damage mitigation comes from (maxed out it gives 195% of your sp to parry). Unless you're 2 hand tanking you're also going to want to take precept of refuge and max out safe haven and stalwart citadel. This will add quite a bit to your blocking. Shield of Faith is worth maxing out for mitigation and maxing out vengeful justice will help keep aggro on pulls with more than 2 enemies (which is most pulls). Reprieve and Absolution are definitely worth picking up for 1 point each.

Stats (this assumes you put points into devout reflection): You can benefit from warrior tanking stats like strength and dexterity but you're going to get more out of wisdom, though I'd probably take strength over intelligence and intelligence over dexterity. Dexterity will give you dodge but clerics have such low dodge there's really no point in stacking stats for it. Strength however will give you a 1:1 block ratio 1 strength = 1 block. It will also give you parry (not sure how much). Wisdom will give you more parry by increasing spell power, it will also give you more block if you put points into stalwart citadel. It won't give you as much block as strength since at max you get 30% of spell power going to block and wisdom only gives 75% spell power. However, it will also give you parry via spell power and since you get 195% of spell power to parry it probably gives more than strength. It will also help with mana regen (can't hold aggro if you have no mana to attack with). Intelligence is ok and preferable to dexterity but I would put it lower than strength or wisdom. It will give you block and parry like wisdom but much less as we only get 25% spell power from intelligence. It will increase your mana pool which is nice but with mana regen talents that's not a huge problem and as a tank I'm not too worried about crit (which you also get from intelligence at a 1:1 ratio). Obviously taking pure +block and +parry is also useful. As far as endurance goes that's always good too. I think cleric tanks don't need quite as much hp as warrior tanks but you still want to stack some endurance. I've done t1s with 7.5-7.9k hp with no problems but you'll definitely want more for t2s and way more for raiding. Mien of Leadership increases your endurance by 90% but an important thing to note about this is it only increases your base endurance, your endurance from items that are equipped, it does not take into account endurance gained from buffs. Unlike this the bonuses to parry and block from spell power do take into account any buffs you have on you.

For hit you get your focus converted into hit so stack focus rather than hit (you'll want focus for your spells, if you just stack hit your spells will be resisted a lot which is bad because both of our taunts are spells).

If you're 2 hand tanking then as much pure +spell power that you can get is what you want, with wisdom being second. I'd probably avoid strength of a 2 hand tanking build. Your only source of mitigation (aside from armor) will be parry and dodge and dodge isn't going to do shit for you so it's parry or nothing.

1 wisdom = .75 spell power = .22 block and 1.46 parry
1 intelligence = .25 spell power = .075 block and .4875 parry
1 strength = 1 block and 1 parry
1 dexterity = 1 dodge
(I only included the tanking relevant stats these stats grant)

It is my understanding that there is no parry cap. Parry mitigates all damage while block only mitigates a percentage. This obviously makes parry preferable to block so you're going to want to go for parry wherever you can.

Gear: Clerics are a bit different from other tanks here. We still need the same amounts of hit/focus and toughness as other tanks. What we can do differently is use healing items. Items such as the Wolf trinket and crystal vine will proc (very often) from salvation heals. This will increase your self healing and if you take reparation will also increase your group healing, this will also increase aggro. Personally I use the wolf trinket and a crystal vine for my tanking gear (the rest of the slots in my focus are equipped with +stat lesser essences). You're going to want a 1 hand mace with +spell power and other cleric stats rather than a more warrior or rogue oriented one. As far as shields go I have yet to see a cleric shield with decent itemization drop. I've been using the crafted orichalcum one and haven't found anything better yet.

Second and third souls: It seems almost every soul has something useful for tanking (with the exception maybe being warden).

Cabalist: Putting just 6 points into this gives you several aoe spells that can make pulls with multiple mobs easier to pull off without having one run off after another party member (if you're familiar with the plague bringer pulling most if not all warriors in our guild use it's similar to this but the cabalist aoe spells hit fewer enemies though this isn't really a problem). You also get +40 to all resistances except life and death (if you take dark harbor). +40 probably isn't a whole lot but since cleric tanks have 0 magic mitigation it may be more important for them.

Inquisitor: Putting six points into this gets you 50 more endurance (450 more hp) and an extra 215 armor. It gives you a few offensive spells and either +5% crit chance for damaging spells or reduced cast time to bolt of judgement (none of which are great for tanking however). Putting 12 points in gets you all that plus a purge, fear break and if you put 2 points into contempt some extra healing (decent extra healing if you have 3+ mobs which on most trash pulls you will). Unlike the sentinel and purifier endurance buffs, the inquisitor buff is self only and therefore stacks with group buffs.

Sentinel: Putting 5 points into sentinel nets you +5% spell power, +40 endurance buff and an instant cast heal. The heal isn't a huge deal as it is reduced by using mien of leadership. The endurance buff is also pretty useless unless you're soloing. So many souls have endurance buffs and the sentinel one does not stack with them, most times it will be overridden with a higher endurance buff anyways.

Purifier: Putting 5 points into purifier nets you +5% wisdom and a self shield as well as a couple damaging spells and a 1.5second cast heal.

Shaman: Putting 10 points into shaman nets you quite a bit. You get +3% mitigation, +10% healing received, a self shield, a +40 strength buff (more block and parry) and +4% increase to damage (I would go with this over crit since as a tank you're going to have pretty low crit anyways, unless you're 2 hand tanking). You also get a few damaging abilities. The shaman buff will stack with some buffs (it will stack with timed strength buffs but not permanent strength buffs).

Druid: With 10 points you can get +5% endurance and 5% of your spell power added to your attack power. You also get a shield and a mana regen spell and trickster spirit which reduces the enemies attack and spell power for a duration. In my opinion this is not really worth it for tanking. The 5% endurance will not give you as much hp as the inquisitor buff unless you have at least 1000 endurance (at which point they are equal, higher than 1k endurance and the 5% is superior) and the inquisitor one gives armor as well. The rest isn't really that great for tanking. The shield is ok but the druid shield only affects physical damage.

Warden: This really doesn't have anything useful for tanking in my opinion. The heals won't be very useful due to being decreased by mien of leadership and the tree talents are going to do little to nothing for tanking.

Playstyle: I honestly think clerics may have the best aggro of all tanks in the game. Mien of Leadership grants a 300% threat bonus so we only really need taunts for pulling mobs off of other players (and even then a normal attack or two will usually do it). The only time you really have to worry about aggro is during the pull. After the pull my strategy is the same unless there is only one mob. If there are multiple mobs I'll spam even justice and keep precept of refuge up at all times (I'll also put vex on them for a big boost to my self healing). That's really all there is to it. If single target I'll keep precept of refuge and censure up at all times and mostly spam strike of judgement (will usually use sovereignty and bolt of radiance on cool down).

I used to use bolt of radiance to pull and then hit another mob with sovereignty (which would stun them due to points in supremacy). I would then use even justice to hit the other mobs. This had a problem of other players often getting aggro on the mobs I had not attacked due to them attacking or healing before I could hit the mobs with even justice. Just running in and hitting even justice could have the same problem.

Taking cabalist makes this much easier. If it is a group of 2-3 mobs I'll use shadow's touch to pull then just spam even justice keeping precept of refuge up at all times and keeping vex on each mob as much as I can. If there are more than 3 mobs I'll target one on either side and cast shadow's touch, while that's casting I'll target a mob at the other end and queue bound fate. The reason I do this is each of those spells only hits 3 enemies. If you do it this way it's likely you'll hit most if not all enemies. If pulling groups quickly enough one after another I'll use decay towards the end of the first group building 3 lurking decays, on the next pull I'll use obliterate (after pulling with shadow's touch) which hits 4 enemies once for each lurking decay. This does quite a good job of getting aggro.



Written by: Shenanigans