Rift: Necromancer

Main Single Target and Healing Spells:

  • Improved Life Leach: This I find to help out only with soloing. In combination with Radiant Spores, this can increase your health regen to keep you alive long enough to make it to the next fight. Soul Purge (listed below) is much better to use once aquired.
  • Soul Purge: The life bane of a Necromancer ~ This not only does massive damage to the mob but at the same time it will heal you and your pet for the amounts you deal. This is a necromancers way of very quick soloing.
  • Note on the screen shot on the necro side. 3rd line and the 2nd and 4th spell. These two are the single taget HoT and quick heal. HoT does minimal heals over time but help. Quick cat heal dumps a quick 300-450 point heal on a person. This can be very beneficial when helping a cleric keep the main tank up during boss fights

Quick Mana Regen!

  • On the 2nd line and 3rd spell in - this spell will allow you to steal your pets health and convert that into Mana for you! Don't worry about your pet dying as your pet(s) have a killer health regen when not in combat. During a fight that last a long time you can just twitch your pet to death and when it dies just quick cast him back in. As a necro, you should never be out of mana no matter what situation you are in

Necromancer/Warlock DPS

  • This is where the Necro and Walock combo shines. With instant cast defense reduction to DoT's to curses and life leaches. This is our bane of existance. Make sure to max these out
  • Warlock bolt or Necro Bolt: I decided to use the Warlock bolt and not use the necro bolt at all. Why? On the Walock side you get a chance to put some points into spell haste for the Warlock bolt. Effectively reducing the spell cost timer down 15%. This is huge for quick bursts of damange to build up you charges as this will add +9 to your charge each times this is cast. I use this ALOT in PvP and soloing and groups. Just be careful with this as you will crit and crit alot with this and draw yourself alot of not needed agro. If you do, just pop FD and you are good to go

Necromancer Pets!!!!!

  • You start out with a generic skelly and he will do you just fine for a while. When spending points in the necromancer tree, build that up so you can get the Assassian/Knight. The assasian pet will be your new favorite friend IF you spend the points to boots his health and damage output. Max those and you are now a soloing machine and a major DPS output for groups and raids.
  • Pet Pulling: I tend to use the assassian pet for everything as some spells you get a geared towards this pet specifically. Some will cause your pet on a pull to do a 100% crit chance ( he can miss heh) and that will make your pet take instant agro. This pet will hold agro for quite sometime even though you are doing masisve damage to the mob. He has a better chance then any pet to crit on his attacks

Necromacer Only Soul

  • What is important here is to get your tank Hp and DPS maxed as soon as you can as the necro pet is your personal tank. Depending on the need, situation. You have multiple choices of pet classes to choose from. The original tiny tank-skelly pet to the full blown DPS monger Assasian pet. Yes, the Assassian pet is a tank. Apply the correct Soul points and this pet can easily take 3-4 same level mobs. How? Max out his HP soul 5/5. max out his DPS soul 5/5. Example on the DPS Soul. For each point spent in this soul, your pets DPS increases by 1.4 x the amount of points you spent in the Necromancer tree.

  • Hp's. This increases the pets HP by 5% per point added into the Soul. At the same time, don't forget to max out your DoT's. Pay attention to the dots as you want to max out the souls that apply to your pet. Some will allow your pet to crit uppon fighting the mob. Some will thow some health back to the mage etc. Also make sure to max out your AE abilities. This will be crucial to group and raids and rift running. (Dont forget to spend 1 point for FD!!!)

Necro/Warlock Playstyle

  • Buffs are also very nice on the warlock side as you can get a +20 endurance single taget spell for you and your pet or whomever else you wish to cast it on and later on down the road you also get a self + pet +group and raid +20 Str spell. Combine those togeather before you send your pet in and he becomes a ginsuweildingswordsofdeath.
  • I tend to like to use pets that will hold agro on multiple mobs. This is where I like to use the assassian pet and pull with some instant pet agro spells first. Accidently pull more than one? No problem there as you just redirect your pet to the add and use the agro spell. use a couple warlock bolts to build up your charges and then dot the heck out of each mob. Necros get a very nice ground AE and Dots. Use the warlock combination of his ground DoT (Stacks with necro) and his DPS and you can easily take on 3-4 evel leve mobs at the same time. I do this all the time in the #&(#&$(# <- New zone I cant reval at this time, sorry. )
  • PvP? We shine here and shine like no other. With my points spent as in the above tree. I can easily take out rangers, pallys and clerics and other mages. The one class that is our true ememy is the void-knight class as they take magic hits and store that energy to cast back a you. Nasty mofo's they are but they are beatable. How? Void-Knights HATE Ae's as those are for some reason not considered "ranged magic spells". These will stack on the void knight but make sure that you have your pet bashing him. Void knights might have awesome magic defense but against another player ( or necro pet weilding ginsu swords ) they can be delt with.

What else can you do to maximize your build(s)?

  • Craft...Yes, crafting. I found during beta ( of course this can change ) that most of the crafted items I was making were better than most of the instanced loot drops. But, keep in mind that I was also doing runekeeper and had been applying runes to all my made armor. +spell crit, +Int, +wis and +strenght. Why + strenght on a mage? Cause its fun hehehe. Seriously though. A good fit for any mage is Outfitter/Runekeeper as you want to have handy a nice rune that adds crit bonuses. It makes a huge differance in this game when you have an added + 30 INT from runes and +30 crit bonus etc.
  • Is it expensive to craft? No. I never sold anything in Beta. All I did was runebreak anything I could to get what I needed. Even if I was able to make 25 gray items I did, just to get the runes from them. Only items I did have to buy were for Outfitter components. At the end of the beta, I still had over 35p.
  • Do the crafting Quests!! Those give you tokens to buy special armor patterns. Those that you can make have special attributes to them. Spell Crit, Spell Bonuses etc. Then add in your rune and its that much better. Craft away, you will be happy you did.

Necro Rift Hunting

  • With the above information you can easily solo even-level or even 3-4 levels higher Rifts and Footholds. Doing this is also very beneficial. Why? Rare Planar Vendors have some really nice items to buy with Planar gems. If you see a Rift, go kill it. Some pretty nice stuff drops from Rifts. Not to mention you also have a chance for some crafting items from the Rifts as those are needed past 225 in crafting "Blue and Purple items" that you get doing crafting quests.


Written by: Gejee