Rift: Rogue Calling

The Rogue archetype in RIFT is fairly similar to traditional MMO rogues. Their primary focus is damage, though RIFT also has a rogue soul able to tank, and also the support/healer Bard soul, similar to other MMO bards.

Melee DPS Souls:
- Assassin uses damage over time (DoTs) effects and poisons, along with stealth skills.
- Bladedancer uses evasion for damage through reactive and triggered skills, but also has an alternating skill system for DPS. Bladedancer pairs well with Riftstalker.

Tanking Soul:
- Riftstalker uses damage absorption shields and armor/endurance buffs to be a strong tanking class. Also has an array of teleportation skills, making it a useful PvP soul.

Area Effect (AE) DPS Soul:
- Saboteur is a ranged soul that uses a "charge" system, which deal no damage initially, but do massive damage when "detonated". They have strong AE skills through charges and bombs.

Ranged DPS Souls:
- Ranger uses a pet, while using a ranged weapon for damage. The pet can be a tank, or a damage pet.
- Marksman is a high damage ranged class with many skills that increase mobility. It is a good combination with the ranger soul.
- Nightblade is a ranged soul that uses fire DoTs and weapon enchantments to deal high damage. Most of the skills of this soul have a 20m range, but require melee weapons to use, unlike Ranger and Marksman, who use a bow or gun for their attacks.

Healing/Support Soul:
- Bard uses raidwide buffs, similar to auras in other games. They also have many strong, short-term buffs that can be stacked, and possess a large deal of skills that heal the entire raid or group, making them an excellent support healer. The Bard is a ranged class, and by itself does not bring much personal damage to the table, though their buffs greatly increase the damage and survivability of the group or raid.

Rogues wear leather armor and use Dexterity as a primary stat, with Strength as a secondary.

50% Attack Power comes from Dexterity and 50% from Strength. Dexterity also grants critical chance and dodge, while Strength increases parry chance.