Rift: Proven Rogue Builds and Macros

Updated for Storm Legion: 1/3/2013

The following are builds that several of our rogues play on a regular basis and have had good success with.  I am separating them out by function.



When it comes to these builds you are looking for very good single target DPS, support for AE, and good mobility.  For these situations the Ranger build below is the best Ranged ST Spec.  It has Deaden for interrupts, but if you need to be able to purge then you will want to go with the 61 point Marksman build below.  While the MM build does good dps it loses a good 1k+ dps.  Although I understand there are some really high dps melee options with rogue, I haven't used them yet and in my experience those only pan out in a very small number of fights (where the boss sits still and you don't have to run out of melee very often).  Will update with those at a later date.


MM/Ranger - 40MM/36RNG/0RS

This build is floating around several forums in different forms.  I have reproduced the build from PopeOrGod's post on the Rift Rogue Guide Forum.

This is the highest ST DPS Range build I have come across.  It is a fairly simple rotation although you do need to keep Splinter Shot and Head Shot up.  These interrupt the rotation but with a little practice its not a problem.


Feral Instincts
Electrified Munitions
Rending Munitions
Blood raptor (Note: the build does not include "Hasten Call", if you find you are regularly losing your pet during fights can respec and take a point out of 'Master Huntsman' and put it in 'Hasten Call'
Spam Macro:
#show shadow fire
cast shadow fire
cast empowered shot
cast swift shot
Finisher Macro:
#show rapid fire shot
cast rapid fire shot
cast hasted shot
AoE Macro: *Note* - only use this for AoE while moving, if stationary use Rain of Arrows
#show lightning fury
cast lightning fury
cast fan out
You must also manage splinter shot, Head shot, and Quick Reload.
If you use Karuul Alert (which i reccomend for any build) you can add these settings to help
Head Shot: Head shot;1;T;player;1;T;F;T;Bestial Fury;A5DEF68DE2AC0408B;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\awareness_01.dds;904;549;28.8;28 .8;0.6;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0
For Splinter shot: splinter shot;1;T;player.target;1;T;F;T;Splinter Shot;AFBE49CA25884FC67;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\killer_instinct.dds;792;549;28.8 ;28.8;0.6;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;30;T;6; F;0
Quick Reload: Use this right after a Rapid Fire Shot to get another RFS on your next finisher.
Sample opening rotation, starting with 0 combo points:
Spam (shadow fire) > Splinter shot > Spam (empowered shot hard cast) > Finisher (shoot to kill now up)
Spam > Spam > Spam > head shot
Spam > Spam > Spam > Splinter shot > Finisher
Now all your main buffs should be up and you can go into you primary DPS rotation of spams and finishers while managing splinter shot (don't clip it early), head shot, and Quick Reload after your next Rapid Fire Shot.
Close Quarters Combat: if you feel like you need it, move 1 point from "Single Minded Focus" to pick it up




Marksman - 61MM/15RNG/0RS

This build is posted by Dunsparrow on his website.  (Dunsparrow is the master of deveolping Rogue Specs)
This is a good dps spec with both ST and AoE support, with all the utility of the MM tree (read Interrupt and Purge).  This build is very mobile as it leaves out any channeled shots unless the fight permits them.
Point Builder Button
#show Empowered Shot
cast Decoy
cast Empowered Shot
cast Swift Shot
cast Free Recoil
Finisher Button
#show Rapid Fire Shot
cast Free Recoil
cast Rapid Fire shot
cast Hasted Shot
On Deadeye Shot
I only use Deadeye shot if I am confident i can stand still for the duration of the shot and Bull's Eye is up.  I macro it in 1 key and pop it, otherwise I never touch Deadeye.
Rotation:   Spam the pointbuilder to 5cp then hit finisher.  Use Quick Reload after using Rapid Fire Shot finisher.  Its that easy.
---------------------------More to come ------------------------------------------------01/03/2013