Rift: Saboteur

The Saboteur

The Saboteur is a ranged AE dps class, based on the rogue style combo points, and another similar system called "charges". They also possess trap skills that are laid, and trigger when enemies run over or near them. You also have "bombs", which are AE skills that are thrown on the ground or on enemies, and have some effect on nearby enemies.

Charges, Bombs, and Traps

The charge system is similar to combo points. You get multiple charges to cast, each with different effects, most of which also deal damage. You may apply up to 5 total charges, though they do not all have to be the same one. They last for 60 seconds and add a combo point each time you cast one. You then have a skill called "detonate", which deals damage based on combo points, but also consumes all the charges on the enemy and applies the associated effect. All charges deal weapon damage along with their other effects, so they scale with high damage weapons. Charges cast outside of combat consume no energy, which will be explained later.


Blast Charge - Direct damage to target.
Spike Charge - DoT damage to target.
Shrapnel Charge - AE damage around target.
Splinter Charge - Armor reduction to target.
Caltrop Charge - Movement snare (10% per charge) to target for 8 seconds.
Concussion Charge - Stun to target (1 second per charge). Deals no damage.
Embers Charge - Increases non-physical damage enemy takes (1% per charge) for 30 seconds.


Fragmentation Bomb - AE Damage around target. 15 second cooldown.
Sticky Bomb - AE 70% movement snare, casted on ground. 15 second cooldown.
Chemical Bomb - AE DoT damage, casted on ground. 15 second cooldown.
Choking Gas Bomb - Silences enemies in an area for 8 seconds, casted on ground. 30 second cooldown.
Time Bomb - AE around target after 8 seconds. 8 second cooldown.
Annihilation Bomb - AE Damage and stun. Can be specced to detonate Blast or Spike charges on target and spread them to 1/2 additional targets. 30 second cooldown.

Traps and other skills:

Debilitating Trap - AE Attack/spell power reduction trap.
Barbed Trap - Deals DoT damage to triggering enemy.
Booby Trap - Deals AE damage when triggered.
Incriminate - Transfers all aggro gained by you to the target for 6 seconds. Solves one of saboteur's biggest issues with AE, which is pulling aggro.

Soul Tree Options

Nimble Fingers (Tier 1) - Increases dexterity by 3/6/9/12/15%.

Improved Blast Charge (Tier 2) - Your blast charge ignores 25/50% of target's armor. Very useful, as this charge deals the highest burst damage.
Long Range Clipping (Tier 2) - Increases the range of your charges by 2/4/6/8/10.

Silent Setup (Tier 3) - Gives a 33/66/100% chance that adding charges gives no aggro. This skill lets you stack 5 combo points and 5 charges on a mob before you even aggro it. Since out of combat charges don't cost energy, you can load up each new mob with 5 charges and still have a full bar for the next round of charges.
Increased Explosive Power (Tier 3) - Your charges deal 3/6/9/12/15% more damage.

Improved Spike Charge (Tier 4) - Increases the duration of spike charge by 3/6 seconds. increases damage by adding 2 more ticks, while also giving you more time to use other charges before you have to refresh the dot.
Improved Detonate (Tier 4) - Increases detonate damage by 5/10/15/20/25%. This is your only finisher as a saboteur, so the damage increase is a nice boost.

Charge Booster (Tier 5) - Whenever you use Detonate with 5 points, an addition booster charge is detonated, which deals 50% weapon damage. Damage is increased by 15% for each point spent over 21.
Annihilation Bomb (Tier 5) - AE attack with 2 second stun. Can be specced further to detonate charges on your main target and cause that damage to hit 1/2 more targets.

Demolition Specialist (Tier 6) - See above. Causes Annihilation Bomb to detonate all spike (dot) and blast (DD) charges on the main target. That damage will hit 1/2 additional targets.
Residual Shrapnel (Tier 6 ) - Causes Shrapnel Charge to deal an additional 50% damage over 6 seconds. Good for giving this charge additional AE damage.


The first macro sets your focus target to the person your mouse is on. Set your tank to this whenever you start a zone or die. The second casts Incriminate on that person, so you don't have to manually target them to cast it, or cast it through a mob and risk hitting the wrong person. Note that you must be facing your tank to cast the macro. It can be especially embarrassing and lethal for you if you mess up Incriminate on the pull.

(Focus Macro)
focus @mouseover

(Incriminate Macro)
#show Incriminate
cast @focus Incriminate


The Saboteur rotation is fairly simple, but is altered slightly depending on each pull. For single target, you use 5 spike charge, detonate, then 5 shrapnel charge, detonate. You will want to use Incriminate on your tank for the first detonate, or you will probably pull aggro. Blast Charge is only superior to shrapnel charge if the mob will not live for the full 6 seconds that it takes for your improved shrapnel charge to tick. This is also true for spike charge. If you feel the mob will die within 15 seconds, do another round of shrapnel or blast charges instead. You can also use Barbed Trap for bonus damage, and Expose Weakness when you feel you will get to 5 combo points before your previous spike charge wears off. This is called clipping your dot, and you don't want to blow a new set of spike charges early and miss a tick of damage. You can fill this gap with Barbed Trap, Expose Weakness, or a bomb of your choice.

In groups of 2-3, you should stack 5 spike charges, Incriminate, then use Annihilation Bomb to spread the charges, then switch to shrapnel charges. You may also spam Booby Trap in melee range after the first set of shrapnel charges.

In groups against 4+ mobs, you should stack 5 shrapnel charges, Incriminate, detonate, then repeat. You can also use Booby Trap after the first set of shrapnel charges.

Note that while chemical bomb is low damage, any crit ticks will refresh your Assassin 10% damage buff. This is useful for when you want to spam Booby Trap, since Booby Trap cannot crit. The chemical bomb will keep your buff up for at least 10 seconds. You can also use this at the beginning of fights to get the buff up before you blow your charges.

You can always setup charges on unpulled mobs at range. With Incriminate, you can freely AE on the pull and drop all the aggro on your tank. Keeping sticky bomb handy can snare groups to keep them off your healers/mages while the tank gains aggro. Note that stacking mobs is very important, and can cause you problems if you have put your pre-fight charges on a mob that isn't in the stack (ranged/caster). You will want to make sure your tank is stacking mobs as close as possible for maximum damage, and thus faster killing. Of course you also want them to be stacked for aggro dumping, as any mobs who didn't get hit with your first Incriminate detonation will probably aggro on you when you blow your next set of charges.

Using Dark Malady can be tricky with Incriminate or Annihilation Bomb. The correct order should be stack 5 spike charges, stealth, dark malady, incriminate, annihilation bomb. Since charges won't put you in combat, you can stealth even after the pull, as long as you haven't been damaged or used an offensive skill yet.

Class Combos

Nightblade - 15% bonus damage on charges in the tier 1 soul tree, along with 15% finisher increase, Nightblade is a good way to go for a second soul. You can also pick up a point of Improved Hellfire Blades for bonus damage.

Assassin - Many good passive increases to physical damage. Since charges were made into poisons for the sake of cures, they also count as poisons for the assassin ability Poison Potency, for 15% more charge damage.

Suggested Builds

13 Nightblade / 33 Saboteur / 20 Assassin - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...b0kkRz.0VMcxcb

Land Mines are fun, but they aren't extremely useful at endgame, outside of PvP. You can take that point, or the point in Carpet Bombing, and move it to Fire and Death Attunement if you like, as long as you keep 32 in Saboteur for Booby Trap.


Written by: Rhys