Rift: Sentinel

The sentinel is healing cleric soul that has direct heals. Quite similar to an EQ cleric that uses direct healing spells to heal.

Main Single Target Healing Spells:
- Empowering Light is our class defining skill. This is a group cure that cures up to 10 people
- Healing Breath is an instant small heal that can be cast while moving (later points in the tree allow it to hit up to 3 people at once)
- Healing Grace is a medium heal on 2 second cast (This is good to use on other members in the group)
- Healing Invocation is the large heal on 3 second cast (This is your main heal you will learn to time and use on the tank, repeatedly)

Main Group Healing Spells:
- Divine call heals up to 5 party members (uses a lot of mana but is a good heal that heals the group if in range.)
- Healing communion is a group heal on 2 second cast that sporadically heals the group members (meaning it doesn’t flat out heal them right away but works somewhat like an HOT)
- Points can be spent to increase your group spell range.

Other Main Spells:
- Empowering Light is our class defining skill. This is a group cure that cures up to 10 people.
- Healers covenant is cast on an ally that reduces all types of damage by 40% for 10 seconds (one of the best spells that greatly helps the main tank. Use this often.)
- Torch of Light is a spell you cast that allows your next heal spell to cast instantly (great for tight situations when you are falling behind on heals)

The Sentinel gets endurance buffs, normal rez, in combat rez, and silence.

I feel the Sentinel is the best overall pure healing soul of all three. This soul will definitely be the healing soul used on raids to focus on keeping the main tank up on raids. On longer fights the sentinel will have issues with mana and this is where the other support healing types will really work well with the Sentinel in keeping the groups healed so the Sent can focus on the main tank.

Depending on what other souls you mix with the Sentinel can change the playstyle of the Sentinel. I find that mixing in Purifier and Warden with the Sentinel is the best option to create your pure healing soul. If you do, always keep the zero point warden HOT running on the main tank and use it for group members as well.

Chain cast Healing Invocation (big 3 second heal) on the tank. Do not wait for the tanks health to go down or you could easily fall behind. You can chain cast this and hit escape before it lands if you don’t need it (to conserve mana), however with its longer cast time, you should always have it casting. If you fall behind, you have a couple weapons at your disposal. First being Healing Breath. Cast this instant heal and follow it up with Healing Invocation. This should get you back on top of the healing. If you need another “oh crap” type heal to get ahead on the damage use torch of light. This is an instant cast ‘buff’ on yourself that allows your next heal spell to cast instantly. So use torch of light and then healing invocation and your 3 second heal just casts instantly for that one use. Use Healers convenant as much as possible on the main tank. This gives you time to heal up others or conserve some mana while the tank is taking less damage.

When you are in a fight where the group is taking AE damage, you have two group heals that work well for this and if you spend the points in healing breath, it will also hit 2 other group members.

- Has the best single target heals of all souls.
- Has some great group healing abilities
- Is the soul for healing the main tank on raids
- Can keep groups alive in group content with ease

- Has much lower DPS so soloing is long and slow
- Could have mana issues on longer raid type battles
- Longer casting times can hurt if you fall behind on healing
Sent / Puri


Now this is the build I have been using since the beginning. It has been a good build but its not perfect. In the purifier soul, the caregiver's blessing and caregivers grace are worthless and I just never got around to removing it and spending the points elsewhere. This build gives me good healing options for main tank healing but tonight I built a new build that I look very forward to testing out going forward and more than likely will be my main healing build which adds more group healing to it. (below)

Sent / Ward


With this build I keep all of my sentinal abilities I have come to love but add in a lot more healing options with the warden's HOTs. These HOT's give me 2 more group heals and an ability to heal the group when casting single target water heals by using Ripple (lasts 6 seconds).

So I lose some shields and a couple other of the purifier abilities from the first build but I think there is far more to gain here with the wardens group healing abilities (especially healing showers that heals up to 10 with an AE HOT).


Written by: Kromulok